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Capture Leads From Your Website, Social Media, Google, and more!

Text messaging is the #1 preferred method of conversation today, so why make your customers call you? Unlock the power of Text Messaging, Facebook Messaging, Instagram DM, and Google Business Chat - all in one place!

  • Generate FREE Leads From Existing Traffic

  • Unlock More Prospect Channels

Image of drag and drop features in SKILlSCRM  by Hoss Pratt



Eliminate the setup hassle. From the first click, you step into a fully configured platform, tailored for immediate use. Say goodbye to time-consuming configurations and hello to a streamlined, pre-done experience.

Image of pre-configured funnels compleed by Hoss Pratt

Pre-configured Systems

Jumpstart your sales process with pre-configured funnels designed for both buyers and sellers. These carefully crafted pathways guide your clients seamlessly through the journey, optimizing engagement and conversions.

Image of multi-cannel communication toold in SKILLSCRM by Hoss Pratt

multi channel communication

Communication is at the heart of real estate success, and it's already taken care of. Benefit from pre-done communication strategies, personalized updates, and timely responses. The platform is configured to engage your clients right from the start.

image of listing boss book by Hoss Pratt

Hoss Pratt


SkillSCRM integrates the expertise of "Hoss Pratt" into an ALL-IN-ONE CRM for Real Estate Agents. Access to The Listing Boss Academy, scripts, and lead generation funnels developed by one of the most renowned experts in the real estate industry.

Conversationally Convert Leads From Your Pocket

Manage all your conversations in one chat stream and generate

  • Recoup Lost Revenue From Missed Calls

    Turn Inbound Calls Into SMS Conversations

Buyers and sellers Funnels


Experience the strategic brilliance of "The Listing Boss Systems" within SKILLSCRM's pre-configured funnels.

These buyer and seller pathways are not just templates; they are a reflection of Hoss Pratt's proven methodologies.

Crafted with precision, they are ready to catapult your sales process, ensuring optimal engagement and conversions right from the start.

Done for You

Messaging campaigns

Elevate your client communication with the principles embedded in "The Listing Boss."

SkillSCRM, in harmony with this revolutionary philosophy, comes equipped with pre-configured communication strategies tailored to your business.

Immerse your clients in personalized updates and timely responses, fostering a meaningful and lasting relationship.

Effortlessly Scale Your Online Reputation

Send review requests with a simple click. Reply to Google & FB reviews in the same place you reply to everything else. Managing your reviews and, most importantly, protecting your brand’s reputation becomes a cinch!

  • Quickly & Easily Send Review Requests

  • Read & Reply To New Reviews From Your Pocket

ready to use

Scripts and Campaigns

In collaboration with "The Listing Boss" SkillSCRM doesn't just save you time; it propels you forward. All the scripts and campaigns mentioned in Hoss Pratt's book are seamlessly integrated and ready to launch. This isn't just about efficiency; it's about leveraging the expertise embedded in "The Listing Boss" to drive your marketing efforts with precision and impact.

Hoss Pratt Integration

"The Listing Boss" isn't just a book; it's a philosophy of success. With SkillSCRM's integration with "The Listing Boss Systems," you gain exclusive access to the expertise of Hoss Pratt himself.

Benefit from pre-configured sales coaching, scripts, and communication strategies developed by this renowned industry expert.

SkillSCRM and "The Listing Boss" together provide a comprehensive toolkit, empowering you to navigate the real estate landscape with confidence and finesse.

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The next and final step is to sign up and activate your SkillSCRM account. This exclusive offer brings you SkillSCRM, and it gets even better – enjoy the unique advantage of Hoss Pratt himself configuring it for you. It's pre-configured, done for you, and ready to use.

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SkillsCRM Real Estate Edition Features:

  • Access to Listing Boss Academy by Hoss Pratt

  • Craft compelling property listings effortlessly.

  • Capture leads seamlessly through intuitive forms and dedicated landing pages.

  • Schedule property viewings with our integrated online appointment system.

  • Execute targeted, automated follow-up campaigns for effective lead nurturing.

  • Present properties with visually stunning websites and immersive virtual tours.

  • Automate engagement through SMS, emails, calls, and social media.

  • Access 24/7 support through various channels.

  • Gain valuable insights with our user-friendly dashboard.

  • Seamlessly integrate SkillsCRM with external tools and services.

image of features in SKILLSCRM by Hoss Pratt

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